Our most FAQ's answered!

Meito´s Bubble Tea is fun as it sounds and there are some really cool facts to go along with it.

What is Meito Bubble Tea?

Traditional Tea Meets Crazy Cool!

Take a quiet little cup of tea minding its own business, blast it with a milk or fruit flavor or syrup, throw in the “bubbles”, and get ready for an explosion of fun.

Hot or Cold – Bubblelicous! A never-ending experiment of drink, with 6,615,000 unbelievably unique combos and an average of just 40 Kcal/100 ml, this is seriously the coolest beverage on the planet!

What are the

Origins of  Bubble Tea?

Go back to Taiwan to the 1980s...

A bored woman in a meeting invented it. Seriously. 

A product development manager for Chun Shui Tang Tea House in Taitung was in a meeting sipping iced Assam tea and munching on her sweetened tapioca dessert. She was bored and to entertain herself, she plopped the tapioca into her tea. It was so good, that they decided to add it to the menu, and it became a hit!

Image by Bryan Garces

What are Popping Boba´s made from?

Meito´s Popping Boba shell is made from super skinny Seaweed extract (agar-agar) with juice buzzing inside. The only time you´ll love to burst your own bubble.  

Image by Tim Mossholder

What are Tapioca Pearls?

Tapioca pearls made of finely ground cassava root. That´s a plant native to Brazil, by the way, but all you need to know is...delish!


How many calories are in Meito's Bubble Tea?

Each of our Meito´s Bubble Tea averages less than 40Kcal/100ml.

In the end, the calorie content of your Meito´s Bubble Tea depends on you!

On average, a short (500ml) fruity Bubble Tea (e.g. Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Lemon, Lychee) contains 200 calories (excluding toppings), compared with a short (500ml) milky Bubble Tea (e.g. Taro, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut, Magic Mocha) containing 350 calories (excluding toppings).

One full scoop of our chewy based carbs undercover as gummy balls (Tapioca Pearls) comes with 93 calories and a full scoop of our little bursts of jaunty juice, full of attitude (Popping Boba´s) or Coconut Jellies comes with 63 calories each. You can also choose to get your milky Bubble Tea with soya milk or low-fat milk as well without any sugar, which reduces the average short milk tea to around 195 calories.

Image by Mehrshad Rajabi

What type of milk do you use?

We use creamer as standard when you order a frapped bubble tea. Our regular milk teas are made with fresh half fat milk, however, we also do offer soya milk as well low fat milk alternatives if you wish.


Is Bubble Tea suitable for my kids?

Please do not purchase any Popping Boba´s, Jelly or Tapioca Pearls for children under the age of 6, as they could be more difficult to chew! Simply inform our staff and we will be happy to prepare the Bubble Tea without any toppings, as the drinks are equally delicious!

Image by Alice Pasqual

Is Meito´s Bubble Tea Organic?

Our main base, the tea, is organic. We only use 100 % organic tea leaves in all our Meito´s Bubble Tea! Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong Green Tea and Oolong Black Tea!

More Bubble TEAsers!

We have 6,615,000 unbelievably unique combos

(3 Tea Bases, 24 flavours, 3 temperatures, and 3 topping TEAsers).

Shut the door!

You can be

bubbling in seconds, with our outrageously fun

Meito Dispensing Machine

We use

Super Size Straws

to scoop up those tasty little explosions of Boba and jelly. Chew well before swallowing!

Sealed lids mean you can shake it up, and get that bubbly froth thing going big-time.

And that’s where it gets its name,

by the way, not from the Boba toppings.

You can have Bubble Tea frappéd, cold with and without ice, which makes it cool whatever the weather!

The balance of carbs and calories in one Bubble Tea provide an oh so quick and healthy energy boost.


Image by Rodion Kutsaev

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